City Planning Letters and Subdivision DWG Drawings

Before a new subdivision is created, developers are required to submit information to ensure compliance with city and county standards and ordinances.

The subdivision information submitted to Cities and Counties is public information and a valuable tool for real property research and development.

We collect, update and organize this information and provide 24/7 access via We hope you find this information helpful.

What are City Planning Letters?

Basically, a title report. City Planning Letters detail the history of real property including, ownership, liens, easements, right of ways and

What are DWG Drawings?

.DWG is a file format used by several computer aided design (CAD) packages including AutoCAD, IntelliCAD and Caddie. DWG is the most widely used format for CAD drawings. This format allows you to edit the plat map drawings.

What areas are covered?

  • Harris County (City of Houston)
  • Fort Bend County (City of Houston)
  • Coming Soon - Bell County (City of Temple)
  • Coming Soon – Nueces County (City of Corpus Christi)

How much does this cost?

The list below describes the different types of documents available in this feature. Not all document types below are available in each County. This feature is free to search, so you can identify the files and pricing before deciding to purchase. You may purchase all files for a subdivision for $50.00, or purchase individually for:

  • .DWG files = $25.00
  • City Planning Letters = $25.00
  • Plat maps = $5.00
  • Supporting documents (copies filed with the plat submission, may include deeds, easements, right-of-way, etc) = $5.00
  • City correspondence (documentation of the plat submission and approval process between the City and Developer) = $1.00

How do I use this feature?

  • Login to
  • Click Search Records
  • Select a County
  • Click the Maps link
  • Search in the City Planning Letter section by Subdivision, Street address or Developer
  • Select the project
  • Purchase all files as a .ZIP or files individually