Name searches

  • All name searches must contain at least 4 characters
  • Individual names. Enter last name then first name without any commas. You may use * as a wildcard key to expand your search.
    • Example: John Morris, search: morris john
    • Example: Elizabeth Smith, search: smith elizabeth or smith eliz*
    • Example: Robert Jones, search: jones robert or jones rob*
  • Business names. Enter the name of the business without commas. You may use * as a wildcard key to expand your search.
    • Example: Devon Energy, search: devon energy or devon*
    • Example: AA Plumbing, search: aa plumbing or aa plu*
  • Limit your name searches by instrument types or dates.
    • Example: You want to locate all Warranty Deeds for Michael Smith. Select “Warranty Deed” in instrument type filter box and search name: smith mi*
    • Example: You want to locate all Oil and Gas Leases for Devon Energy filed in April 2010. Enter start date = 4/1/2010 and end date = 4/30/2010, select “Oil Gas or Mining Lease” and search name: devon*
  • Limit your name searches by position of name as a grantor or a grantee.
    • Example: You want to locate all documents where John Morris is the grantee. Enter name search for morris john, then select grantee in drop down menu. Click search.

Advanced wild card searches

  • Use the ? to replace a single character
    • Example: Search L?nda to locate lynda or linda
    • Example: Search Acme LL? to locate Acme LLP and Acme LLC
  • Use the ~ to find similar names
    • Example: Search Gonzales~ Mark to locate Mark Gonzales or Mark Gonzalez

Search by date

  • Searching for all instruments within a date range must be limited to 1 month increments
  • To view all instruments filed on a specific day or within a defined date range, enter the start and end date, input a * in the volume and page fields and click search
    • Example: You want to view all instruments filed on 6/1/2010. Enter start date = 6/1/2010 and end date = 6/1/2010. Type * in Volume field, type * in Page field. Click search.
  • Legal search.  This search should only be used in Aransas, Bell, Cameron, Guadalupe, Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio and Willacy counties.  To locate documents, enter the first several letters of a subdivision name and the block and lot.
  • Reference search.  Use this tool to locate documents by legal description (i.e. Subdivision, Abstract, Survey, etc) in all other TexasFile counties.  This tool searches the legal description field of all documents in a County.  PLEASE NOTE:  The format of the legal description varies by County, so please review the “Search tips” on each County’s search page to improve your search results.
  • Address search.  Available in Cameron and Nueces counties.  Enter the street address to obtain a title history, appraisal summary and list of plat maps defining the subdivision.  More counties will be added soon.  Example of search:  123 main (do not include suffix, such as Street, Avenue, Lane, etc).

Using custom runsheets

  • Also known as MyFile, you can build and print custom runsheets on Learn more about this too by clicking here.

Purchase documents from Cart

What does this do? This feature allows you to purchase and download multiple documents simultaneously. With a couple clicks you can instantly download dozens of documents, saving your team a significant amount of time.

How much does this feature cost? Using this feature is entirely free. Document pricing remains the same.

How do I use this?

1. Run a search in any county

2. On the search results screen select the documents you want to purchase using the check box on the left side. To select all documents click the “All” link on the top row.

3. Click “Add selection to cart” button below the runsheet results.

4. The documents have been added to your cart. You may continue searching and adding documents or visit your cart to download the documents.

5. To visit your cart click My Account -> Cart

6. Click the “Purchase all images” button and you will see a message to save the documents as a .zip file to your PC. Save the file to a folder in your MyDocs folder and open the file, which contains your images.

NOTE: If documents in your Cart show as “Pending” they are in the process of downloading. Click F5 or Refresh to determine if the document has completed downloading. You may click “Purchase all images” at any time and only those images that have completed downloading will be purchased.