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Tracking ID

Team Accounts



MyFile is the TexasFile solution for creating and saving runsheets using records found on the site. You can access all MyFile details, here.

Document Email:

TexasFile's one-of-a-kind document email feature allows users to email purchased documents directly from the site. Click here to find out how to use the direct document email feature.

Tracking ID:

Tracking ID allows you to associate purchases with project names, numbers or billing references. Click here to find out more about using Tracking ID's.

Team Accounts:

TexasFile allows teams to work together on the site, making project coordination and execution more efficient. See the Team Account details page for information regarding account administrators and team member functionality.


Once a document has been purchased, TexasFile provides an OCR tool that allows you to copy and paste text directly from the document. Click here for more information on the OCR tool.