I Can Email Documents on TexasFile?

Texasfile allows users to email purchased documents directly from the site. This cuts the number of steps required to email a document from seven down to three. Users will receive PDF's or links of the document. You can even choose to copy yourself on the email so you remember what you sent and when.

How Can I Utilize this Feature?

There are several ways to take advantage of this feature:

  • Email documents to yourself instead for safe keeping
  • Work at a law firm? Email case documents to other attorneys or paralegals in seconds
  • Email urgent documents between contracted staff and company representatives

Does emailing a document cost anything?

No, this is a free feature, upon making a document purchase.

How do I get started?

  1. Login to www.texasfile.com
  2. Purchase a document
  3. Click the mail icon in the document viewer, or find "Email" after clicking on the 3 dots in the document viewer.
  4. Enter in an email address or contact, and click send.