Activity Tracking ID

This free feature allows you to track expenses on TexasFile.com to your customer or projects. When you activate a Tracking ID a unique code is associated with any expense (documents, reports, premium searches, search result printing, etc).

When you complete your project, simply visit the My Account page and download your expense activity as an Excel sheet and sort your expenses by your tracking IDs.

You can change or deactivate your tracking ID at any time if you don't need to allocate expenses.

Here's how to use the feature:

  • Once logged in, click the "Click here to use a Tracking ID" located below your username
  • Create a new ID by typing in the Tracking ID field or select a previously used Tracking ID
  • To remove the Tracking ID click the "x"
  • To change the Tracking ID, select another ID or type a new one
  • To view your activity or run Excel reports visit the My Account page. A link to this page is on the top right of your screen above your username. On the My Account page, click the History link in the grey navigation bar in the middle of the page. Select the date range you want to view by selecting the Year, Month or Day on the left side of the page.