Online public records

Our site provides online copies of documents and data publicly filed in County Clerk, District Clerk and Appraisal District offices. We’re continually expanding our coverage and we update records on a daily basis. Most records may be located online searching owner name, instrument number or by property address and legal description.

Visit our coverage page for details and pricing.

Title and lien report allows you to run advanced title reports showing current vesting owners, liens, releases and assignments. For assistance running these searches please review our online help page or contact us with questions.

MyFile runsheet tool

MyFile is a free online tool allowing TexasFile users to organize, store and print courthouse research from a simple consolidated report. MyFile is an online file folder where you store related documents. Because your MyFile history never expires, you may use your prior research to assist with new projects. Read more.

Document retrieval

If you need a copy of a document we don’t have available online, we can use our team of statewide courthouse specialists to obtain a copy. Pricing varies per county. Contact us with details regarding your request.

Who is using

Oil, Gas and Pipeline. Research mineral and surface rights. Locate property owners. Use deed records and plat maps for right-of-way research.

Surveyors. Research easements and metes-and-bounds on deed records. Online access to plat maps.

Attorneys and Paralegals. Access county and district courthouse records from your desktop. Online access to Divorce records.

Title and Real Estate. Determine current owners. Run full chain of title.

Banks and mortgage. Research lien positions and title. View mortgage records for comparable sales calculations.