Welcome to the TexasFile Mortgage and Property Title Video Library!

According to recent research by Zillow, the total value of every home in the U.S. is $33.6 trillion, nearly as much as the GDP of the two largest global economies combined - the U.S. and China. (source: Zillow)

A home purchase is the single largest financial investment for most people in the United States. Along with such a large investment come plenty of questions.

We provide this video library to help answer some of these questions. Whether you are a home buyer or seller, a mortgage servicing company or anyone involved in land and property title search, the following videos should help your understanding of the real estate and mortgage industry.

    So you want to buy a house? Start with the basics.

    How to Find the perfect home for you.

    Understanding inspections and home warranties.

    Everything you need to know about Mortgages.

    Deciding on a Lender can be tough. Learn what to look for.

    Your credit will help determine your interest rate.

    Why is Title work so important? How do closings work?

    What Federal Programs can help me buy a house?

    What are VA loans?

    Thinking of selling your home? Start with these videos.

    Understand what happens when your house is up for sale.

    What is TRID?