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Oil & Gas


Title & Real Estate


Banks & Mortgage

Mineral Data

Oil & Gas:

Access latest leasing and conveyance documents.

Locate mineral interest ownership.

Prove ownership with deed records.

Quickly build chains of title and division orders.

Search Statewide for real property assets.

Quick lien search.

Use deeds records to locate owners and create probates.

Title & Real Estate:

Quickly build title reports.

Locate liens.

Use our Title Plants for advanced features.


Access plats in select counties.

Quickly build title reports and prove ownership.

Find Right-of-Ways and Easements.

Banks & Mortgage:

Create prospective client list

Verify title opinions.

Monitor assignments and releases with other institutions.

Mineral Data:

Access mineral appraisal data to locate mineral owners.

Create targeted mailing list.

Bulk pricing availability.