Data Types and Features Available on TexasFile

Read below to learn more about what features TexasFile has to offer.

County Records:

TexasFile offers online access to records filed in the county clerk's office. These can include, but are not limited to: deeds, leases, liens, judgements, DBA's, conveyances, and assignments. Documents can be downloaded as a PDF.

Our data coverage dates vary with each county. Our goal is to have as many records available online as possible. Each counties' coverage date can be found on our coverage page.

These records can be used for a wide variety of applications including: ownership reports, title work, leasing, lien searches, and asset discovery.

Any questions regarding book types, documents types, or document availability can be directed to

Mineral Ownership Data:

Our mineral ownership data comes directly from the county appraisal district. We have this data available in 200 counties. These counties are noted on our coverage page with the pump jack icon.

There are two ways to view our mineral ownership data:

  1. Online Search
    • Mineral ownership data is available to search both per county and statewide
    • Search by owner name, operator name, lease name, and RRC ID
    • To begin, simply click Search - Mineral Data
  2. Bulk Ownership Rolls
    • These rolls are obtained through the county in various, difficult to use formats including PDF's and .txt. documents. We standardize and format the data into an easy to use Excel document.
    • Owner names and addresses are parsed to easy mailing list creation
    • Single county rolls are available for download
    • Bulk purchase options are available

All purchase options can be viewed by visiting our pricing page. Questions should be directed to

Statewide Search is the only search of its kind available. With one click you can search over 250 Texas counties.

Simply enter a name, click search, and see results from any county in which that name is found.

This can greatly expedite cumbersome searches and due diligence for major events like mergers and acquisitions. Lien searches and asset discovery searches now take just a few clicks.

Plat Maps:

Plats are available in select counties. These counties are noted on our coverage page by the map icon. Search by plat name, description, or filing information in each county.

Plats can be purchased and downloaded as PDF's.

We are continuing to add as many plats and counties as possible. Any questions regarding plats can be directed to


MyFile is the TexasFile solution for creating and saving runsheets using records found on the site. You can access all MyFile details, here.

Document Email:

TexasFile's one-of-a-kind document email feature allows users to email purchased documents directly from the site. Click here to find out how to use the direct document email feature.

Tracking ID:

Tracking ID allows you to associate purchases with project names, numbers or billing references. Click here to find out more about using Tracking ID's.

Team Accounts:

TexasFile allows teams to work together on the site, making project coordination and execution more efficient. See the Team Account details page for information regarding account administrators and team member functionality.


Once a document has been purchased, TexasFile provides an OCR tool that allows you to copy and paste text directly from the document. Click here for more information on the OCR tool.

Auto Reload:

Automatically replenishes funds in your TexasFile account when the balance falls below an amount you choose. Click here for more information about Auto Reload.

Custom Receipts:

TexasFile allows users to build custom receipts with different criteria. Click here to learn more.