What is My File?

MyFile is an online tool allowing TexasFile users to organize, store and print courthouse research from a simple consolidated report. MyFile is an online file folder where you store related documents. Because your MyFile history never expires, you may use your prior research to assist with new projects.

How does MyFile help me? Here's an example:

Your project requires you to identify all liens associated with William and Marilyn Smith in Harris County. You will first create a MyFile with a simple identifying name such as “Bill & Mary Smith, Harris lien report”. You will then start searching TexasFile for all liens affecting your subject names. But, because of the nature of these names, you’ll need to search several variations, such as William Smith, Will Smith, Bill Smith, Billy Smith, Marilyn Smith, Mary Smith, etc.

As you locate relevant documents on TexasFile.com, you simply “Add to Bill & Mary Smith, Harris lien report”. This sends the information to your MyFile. By doing this you are not purchasing the document, simply adding the index data to your report. When you are done researching, you open the “Bill & Mary Smith, Harris lien report” and can print the MyFile report or print the document images.

Need to update your William and Marilyn Smith file a month later? No problem, MyFile stores your reports. Simply start searching again and add to your previously created MyFile.

Does MyFile cost anything?

No, this is a free research tool for TexasFile users.

How do I start using MyFile?

  1. Login to www.texasfile.com
  2. Click on the MyFile link in the navigation bar
  3. Create a new MyFile by filling in the required fields and clicking “Create”
  4. Start searching
  5. As you locate documents you want to add to your MyFile put a checkmark next to the document
  6. Click the "Add to MyFile" button at the top of the search results to bring up the MyFile modal
  7. Select which of your MyFiles to which you want to add the new documents, or, create a new MyFile for the documents

More examples of using MyFile:

Chain of title on a property in one or several counties
Oil & Gas companies building a report of target lease properties
UCC filing searches in one or several counties
State and federal tax lien reporting
Banks and mortgage companies can build a prospect list of refi targets